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The brothers "K3" and K3 Projekt GmbH

K3 Projekt GmbH is the result of the shared vision and exceptional commitment of the three brothers, Hüseyin Kizil, Abduallah Kizil and Hakan Kizil. Together they form the heart of our company and embody the values that drive us.

Our history :

Our journey began with a passion for large-scale projects and the pursuit of the highest level of professionalism in construction. We recognized early on the importance of efficient project control and project management in order to successfully complete large-scale projects. This realization led to the expansion of K3 Projekt GmbH, and our company was expanded to include the sphere of project management in 2006.

Since then, we have worked hard to turn our vision into reality. Together, we have built and continually expanded K3 Projekt GmbH. Our approach of building management for projects, not the other way around, has proven extremely successful and has established itself as a trademark of our work.

Our values:

We are guided by clear values in our daily work. We believe in openness, transparency and collaboration. Our corporate culture promotes open, fair and solution-oriented cooperation. Our focus is on trust in our customers, our partners and our employees.

Our mission:

Our mission is to offer our customers competent, reliable and success-oriented implementation of their construction projects. We work hard to not only complete projects, but to implement them with the highest quality and efficiency.

K3 Projekt GmbH is not just a company, but a family that brings its values and passion for large-scale projects to the world. We are proud to accompany our customers on their way to successfully completed projects and look forward to realizing large-scale projects together with you.

Access to expert knowledge:

In addition to the unique contribution of the "K3" brothers, we have an extended network of cooperation partners, freelance architects and engineers. This enables us to access a wide range of expert knowledge and expertise. We cooperate with the best in the industry to ensure that every project benefits from excellent expertise.

Our teams are therefore able to develop tailor-made solutions and respond to the specific requirements of each project. This synergistic combination of the "K3" brothers and the expert knowledge of our cooperation partners allows us to implement large-scale projects at the highest level and guarantee the highest standards in terms of quality, efficiency and innovation.

Our team prides itself on the diversity of skills, knowledge and experience we bring to our clients and we look forward to leveraging our resources and expertise to ensure the success of your project.

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